A world where people pay for software

Software development has to be funded somehow. Unfortunately, it is hard to sell software like physical products because it does not have the built-in copy protection that physical products have. Any artificial copy protections added to software are ineffective if users should have full control of their own computers. Therefore funding has to be done in a different way.

The existing methods of funding software have their problems:

1Sub.dev tries to solve this by letting developers cooperate to give users more for their money. The user subscribes to a developer of their choice and in return, all developers (and everyone else who wants to) can give that user some kind of benefit, like giving them access to downloads or other resources. Simply, from the effort of subscribing to one, you get the benefit of subscribing to all.

Read more about how it works.

For developers who charge for downloads

Do you currently require a subscription or one time payment to let people download your program? If you add 1Sub.dev subscriptions as a payment option for downloading, that could benefit you in the following ways:

If you want a better understanding of how 1Sub can benefit you, read more in the economic calculations.

For developers who accept donations

Do you let people voluntarily give you money because requiring payment would take away too much freedom and cause too much friction? 1Sub.dev is probably the most voluntary way that you can possibly require payments because:

For everyone else

If you want to support free software without paying with your own money, you can log in and generate protected links that can only be followed by subscribers. You don't need to be a partnered developer to do this. You can then use these links if you have something that you only want to give to people who pay for free software.

Here is an example of a protected link.